Reopening Schools

     Pioneer School District

August 4, 2020

Dear Pioneer School District Family,

Our district’s primary focus is on the health and safety of our students, families, and staff as we plan for reopening school.  After careful consideration of the increasing COVID-19 cases in Mason County and the concerns expressed by our Public Health Officer, we have made the decision to start school with our Remote Continuous Learning 2.0 model where our students will be in 100% remote distance learning in Fall 2020 or families will have the option of selecting the Pioneer Academy Home School program.

The Remote Continuous Learning 2.0 model will be strongly focused on quality learning for all students and may include options for small group onsite instructional intervention with adherence to the Washington State Department of Health requirements. The model will be significantly improved from last spring's emergency closure plan. Instruction will include a combination of enhanced learning opportunities and experiences, structured support for students and families, and improved communication for the highest levels of student success. The remote learning model will be in place through the first trimester or until we can safely transition our students to a hybrid or traditional face-to-face learning model. 

Detailed information on both models including enrollment, schedules, attendance, course completion, and grading will be provided soon. We appreciate your patience and support as we move forward with our reopening plan and please know the heartfelt decision-making that went into selecting what we believe to be the healthiest and safest models for each member of our Pioneer family.


Jill Diehl, Superintendent
Pioneer School District

Agosto 4, 2020

Apreciadas Familias y Comunidad del Distrito Pioneer

El enfoque principal de nuestro distrito es la salud y la seguridad de nuestros estudiantes, familias y personal mientras planeamos la reapertura de la escuela. Después de una cuidadosa consideración de los crecientes casos de COVID-19 en el Condado de Mason y de las preocupaciones expresadas por nuestro Oficial de Salud Pública, hemos tomado la decisión de comenzar la escuela con nuestro modelo de Aprendizaje a Distancia Continuo 2.0 donde nuestros estudiantes estarán de tiempo completo en un modelo de aprendizaje a distancia en el otoño del 2020.

Este modelo de aprendizaje a distancia se centrará en gran medida en un aprendizaje de calidad para todos los estudiantes e incluirá una combinación de grandes oportunidades y experiencias de aprendizaje con un apoyo estructurado y una comunicación óptima para lograr los más altos niveles de éxito de los estudiantes. 

Próximamente se dará una información detallada sobre el modelo, incluyendo los horarios, la asistencia, la finalización del curso y la calificación. Este plan estará en marcha durante el primer trimestre o hasta que podamos hacer una transición segura de nuestros estudiantes a un modelo de aprendizaje híbrido o el tradicional de forma presencial. Apreciamos su paciencia y apoyo a medida que avanzamos con este modelo y por favor sepan de la sincera decisión que se tomó al seleccionar lo que creemos que es el modelo más saludable y seguro para cada miembro de nuestra familia Pioneer.


Jill Diehl, Superintendenta

Escuelas del Distrito Pioneer

July 28, 2020

Dear Pioneer School District Families & Staff: 

Tonight the Pioneer School District Board of Trustees approved the Reopening Schools Plan that is currently posted on our website in the Reopening Tab and we will now be submitting the plan to OSPI for final approval.  The plan our district has developed includes two primary models, the Pioneer Online Academy, which is a home schooling option and the Pioneer Flex Program, which is a hybrid model combining on-site learning two days per week with distance learning three days per week.  Detailed information regarding scheduling, structure, and guidelines for attendance and grading will be coming out soon to our families and staff. 

The final model in our plan is our Remote Continuous Learning Plan 2.0. In this model, all students will participate in distance learning if it is determined that it is not safe to return students to school or if schools are required to close by the Mason County Health Department, Washington State Department of Health, OSPI, Governor Inslee, or through an emergency board decision due to the COVID 19 Pandemic. If the decision to close is determined, the district will quickly shift from face-to-face instruction to a Continuous Learning 2.0 plan for all Pre-K-8th grade students who enrolled in the Pioneer Flex program.

Implementation of our new and improved Continuous Learning 2.0 plan will include a combination of enhanced asynchronous learning experiences through online lessons, pre-recorded video lessons, and prepared lessons along with live streaming and virtual interaction opportunities with classroom teachers.  Students, families, and staff will be provided with specific details around the structure and schedule for each grade level, guidelines for attendance, course completion, and grading for remote learning if this plan is implemented to meet health and safety standards.

Our current situation is an evolving process with daily changes but the district is working closely with our Mason County Health Officer to identify the reopening plan that provides the safest option for our students and staff.  As information changes or is updated, we will provide updated communication to our staff and families through our website, email, and social media.  

We appreciate your patience and support as the district works through a very challenging process. Please know the health and safety of each member of our Pioneer family and quality student learning are our highest priorities.  


Jill Diehl, Superintendent

Pioneer School District