RAH Calendars

In partnership with our PTA, we support reading at home through the use of RAH (Read At Home) calendars.  Each month students are asked to record the time they spend reading at home.  Then parents are asked to sign the sheet verifying that their child did in fact read those minutes.  The sheets are then turned in to the classroom teacher at the end of the month and the PTA awards prizes to students based on the time spent reading at home.  It is a great way to encourage your child to read each night at home!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long should my child spend reading each night?

  • We recommend about 20 minutes per night.

What if my child can’t read yet?

  • If your child is not able to read yet, read to your child for the 20 minutes.  Encourage them to pick out the books that they would like for you to read.  While reading to them, ask questions about what is happening in the book and about the characters in the story.  This ensures that your child is understanding what you are reading.

What do I do if my child gets stuck on a word?

  • If your child is struggling to read a word, help them sound it out.  Then have them join those sounds together.  We encourage students to use their reading skills to help them with unfamiliar words.  However, if it becomes a struggle, stop and give them the word.  We want our students to enjoy reading!

Do we really need to do it every day?

  • Technically, no.  However, the goal is to become a life long reader and in order to support that goal, we need to establish good reading habits at an early age.  We understand that schedules are busy and things come up, preventing us from reading every night.  We encourage you to keep trying to read nightly to build that habit for your child(ren).