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Pioneer Families,

To provide service to more students, Pioneer bus routes will be updated with new stops and  new pick-up and drop-off times beginning on Monday, November 1st. This will help our current transportation challenges, but we are still in need of families continuing to drop-off and pick-up their children. Please review the new bus routes and locate your child’s new bus number, bus stop, pick-up, and drop-off times, as there have been many changes.

Be sure to remind your child of the importance of appropriate and safe behavior on the bus. In addition, all students riding buses will have an assigned seat that they must stay in and they are required to wear a mask at all times. Students demonstrating inappropriate or unsafe behavior, who are not following bus driver directives, or who are refusing to wear a mask may lose their bus riding privileges.

Questions regarding the new routes should be directed to Mason County Transportation at 360.426.3182.