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The Human Resources Department is committed to operating in a manner that provides a supportive, respectful, confidential, and caring relationship with employees, students, and the community.  The department is striving to improve systems that ensure equal opportunities for employment and excellence in staff recruitment, selection, retention, and recognition. 

 We look forward to serving you!

Employee Benefits

SEBB (School Employees Benefit Board)

School Employees Benefits Board (SEBB) offers healthcare and other benefits (including medical, dental vision, life insurance and long term disability) for eligible WA State school employees. 

Please note all benefit eligible employees (those anticipated to work 630 hours between Sep 1 and Aug 31 or who during the course of the school year reach 630 hours worked) are required to enroll in SEBB benefits. 

A variety of medical plans are available depending on your county of residence.  Additional benefits are available for you to elect (employee-paid benefits) including supplemental life, AD&D and long-term disability insurance, medical flexible spending arrangement (FSA) and Dependent Care Assistance Program (DCAP).

Need to make a change outside of Open Enrollment? 

  • If you experience a qualifying event outside of open enrollment you can make a special open enrollment change within 60 days of the event. Qualifying event information can be found here.
  • The following are eligible dependents: Lawful Spouse, State Registered Domestic Partner, Children up to age 26 (natural, adopted, step, or court appointed), Children over the age of 26 who are incapable of self-support (subject to approval). 

Quick Links

For more information, visit the SEBB website for school employees.  The following are quick links to specific items also available on the SEBB website:  

First Choice Health

First Choice Health is the Employee Assistance Program provider for the Pioneer School District. This is a benefit provided at no cost to you by the District. You, your spouse/domestic partner, and any dependent children up to the age of 26 will have FREE and CONFIDENTIAL access to counseling services, legal and financial consultations, ID theft and fraud support, childcare and eldercare referrals/resources, and home ownership assistance.

The EAP offers up to 4 sessions face-to-face or telehealth (no co-pay, deductible or premium) with a qualified clinical expert who can assess your concerns and develop a plan of action.

Call (800) 777-4114 or visit the First Choice EAP website to request an appointment. Username: pioneered

DCP now includes a Roth option

Employees will be able to choose between pretax and Roth contributions, or a combination of both when saving through DCP. Pretax contributions are made before taxes and tax is due on withdrawn amounts. Roth allows customers to contribute using taxed income, which allows the withdrawals to be tax-free if the Roth balance has remained in the account for five years.

Substitute SEBB Benefit Eligibility

SEBB eligibility for substitutes is determined by Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 182-31-040. A substitute can earn SEBB benefits by working 630 hours in a school year. Once the 630 hours is met, the substitute will be notified of SEBB eligibility and have 31 days to enroll or waive their medical coverage. Coverage will be effective the first of the following month through 8/31.  Once a substitute has worked 630 hours for SEBB eligibility for two consecutive school years, they will be able to continue their benefits for the third school year.

Don’t Confuse These Dental Plans

The SEBB Program offers two dental plans that are easily confused. Sometimes members intend to enroll in one plan, but accidentally enroll in the other. As a new hire, be careful to choose the one you want.

DeltaCare (group 09601) is a managed-care plan with a narrow network: You must choose a primary care dentist within their network or you will be assigned a primary care dentist. Your primary care dentist must give you a referral to see a specialist. This plan will not pay claims if you see a provider outside of their network.

Uniform Dental Plan (UDP) (Group 09600) is a preferred-provider plan: You may choose and change any dental provider at any time, but you will usually have lower out-of-pocket costs if you see in-network providers.

Compare your dental plan options on HCA’s website at hca.wa.gov/sebb-employee-dental. Before you enroll in a dental plan, check with the plan (DeltaCare or UDP, not the provider) to see if your provider is in the plan’s network and confirm the group number. You can call the dental plan’s customer service or use the plan’s online directory.

Special Open Enrollment – click to view

Certain events let you make account changes (like changing plans or enrolling a dependent) outside of annual open enrollment. You must provide proof of the event that created the special open enrollment (for example, a marriage or birth certificate) along with the required enrollment/change forms to Benefits 24/7 or the Benefits Office, no later than 60 days after the event. More information and step by step instructions can be viewed here.

403(b) Salary Reduction & Allocation Agreement Form



Legal Notices

Workers Compensation

If a job injury occurs

Your employer is self-insured. You are entitled to all of the benefits required by the state of Washington’s workers’ compensation (industrial insurance) laws. These benefits include medical treatment and partial wage replacement if your work-related injury or disease requires you to miss work. Compliance with these laws is regulated by the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I).

What you should do

Report your injury. If you are injured, no matter how minor the injury seems, contact: HR Department

Get medical care. The first time you see a doctor, you may choose any health-care provider who is qualified to treat your injury. For ongoing care, you must be treated by a doctor in the L&I medical network. (Find network providers at www.FindADoc.Lni.wa.gov.)

Qualified health-care providers include: medical, osteopathic, chiropractic, naturopathic and podiatric physicians; dentists; optometrists; ophthalmologists; physician assistants; and advanced registered nurse practitioners.

File your claim as soon as possible. For an on-the-job injury, you must file a claim with your employer within one year after the day the injury occurred. For an occupational disease, you must file a claim within two years following the date you are advised by a health-care provider in writing that your condition is work related.



The SEBB Program offers COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985) for you and your dependents, if eligible, to continue your insurance with the SEBB Program.  SEBB Continuation Coverage (COBRA) is a temporary extension of SEBB insurance coverage for employees who lose eligibility.  For additional information please click here SEBB COBRA, or you may wish to contact SEBB COBRA directly at 1-800-200-1004.



Staff Leave

Federal Family & Medical Leave (FMLA)

Washington Paid Family Medical Leave (PFML)

Apply for PFML through the Employment Security Department’s website.

AESOP/Frontline Substitute System

Certificated Information

Clock Hours

Clock hours are typically professional development training activities.  Only those clock hours that are offered and documented from an approved Washington State clock hour provider can be used toward your schedule placement.  Here are some important rules about clock hours:

    • A list of approved clock hour providers can be found on the website of the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI).  A list is provided for each year.  That website is: https://www.k12.wa.us/educator-support/continuing-education-clock-hours/approved-providers
    • Clock hours were initiated on September 1, 1987, so only clock hours completed on or after that date are allowed.
    • Clock hours must be a minimum of three (3) hours.
    • Clock hours must also meet one of the seven (7) course criteria.
    • Every ten (10) clock hours convert to one (1.0) quarter hour.
    • Clock Hour rules are available online at Chapter 181-85 WAC.

General Clock Hours Information

In addition, courses for credit or clock hours earned after September 1, 1995, must satisfy at least one of the following criteria in order for the credits or clock hours to be recognized for salary placement:

    1. It is consistent with a school-based plan for master of student learning goals as referenced in the annual school performance report for the school in which the individual is assigned;
    2. It pertains to the individual’s current assignment or expected assignment for the following school year;
    3. It is necessary for obtaining an endorsement as prescribed by the Washington Professional Educator Standards Board;
    4. It is specifically required for obtaining advanced levels of certification;
    5. It is included in a college or university degree program that pertains to the individual’s current assignment or potential future assignment as a certificated instructional staff; or
    6. It addresses research-based assessment and instructional strategies for students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and language disabilities.

How do I access/print my clock hours in PD Enroller?

1. Log in to PD Enroller.
2. Once logged in, in the top right corner, click on the drop-down “Clock Hours.” Choose “My Clock Hours.”
3.A. If you have unclaimed clock hours:  under the “In Your Queue” section, complete the survey and purchase the clock hours/training you have not yet claimed.
3.B. If you have claimed all your clock hours:  under the “Completed Clock Hours” section, click on each clock hour/training to view and then print the clock hour form.

 Helpful Links for Clock Hours


Renewing Your Certificated Teaching Certificate

    • Washington State certificates are renewed through the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI). Your renewal paperwork must be postmarked or submitted online by the expiration date listed on your certificate. OSPI will send your new or renewed certificate directly to you; you are responsible for notifying the Human Resources department when your renewal is complete.
    • OSPI receives thousands of applications a year and does become backlogged during the summer months. To ensure enough time for processing, it is advisable to submit your application for renewal as soon as you have completed all of the requirements. Certificates can be renewed any time within the 12 month window prior to their expiration date.

The following links can assist you in finding the appropriate paperwork

Career & Technical (Vocational)

Classified Information

Substitute information

We are always looking for substitute teachers and paraeducators.

A substitute teacher maintains an orderly classroom/learning environment and delivers instruction based upon the best available research and practices in teaching and learning. Must be able to follow the existing teacher’s lesson plans.

A substitute paraeducator supports certificated teachers by performing some of the following duties:

  • Help with make-up work, classroom assignments and tests
  • Assist students one-on-one or in small groups with lessons
  • Read stories, listen to students read, provide writing assistance, reinforce lessons, help with computer learning programs and more
  • Help students reach academic goals and grade-level standards
  • Communicate with teachers and families
  • Monitor playground, cafeteria and crosswalks

Job Benefits

  • Have a rewarding job working with students.
  • Work and make a difference in your own community.
  • Enjoy a flexible schedule that is perfect for family life. Work when children are at school; be present when they are home.
  • If you’re interested in becoming a substitute paraeducator or teacher, please complete our substitute application at EDJobsNW.

Paraeducator Fundamental Course of Study

It is important to note that this requirement applies to any K-12 paraeducator staff members who assist with instruction in the classroom setting (excludes preschool and bus monitors).  This year, employees in these positions are required to complete 14 hours (out of 28) of the Fundamental Course of Study (FCS) program.  This training is part of the Paraeducator Certificate Program.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


Important Payroll Information

  • Payday is the last working day of the month. Pay stubs are mailed out for your first paycheck. 
  • Payroll cut-off: 5th of each month (all time slips, payroll changes and Personnel Change Notices must be submitted).
  • For new staff or changes in staff, a Personnel Action Form must be forwarded to Human Resources. New employees should obtain (by the 10th) a packet (from Human Resources) that contains required forms, booklets, benefit information, bargaining unit agreements or similar.
  • The Payroll/Human Resources office should be contacted regarding changes for name, address, phone number, direct deposit or W-4. All changes are due by the 10th.  Name/Address change form
  • All time slips are to be signed by their supervisor/administrator.
  • Overtime/extra time must be pre-approved by the immediate supervisor/administrator prior to working. 
  • New substitutes should complete the new substitute employee paperwork on their first work day and send it directly to Human Resources.
  • Payroll/Human Resources should be notified immediately of any emergency leaves (heart attacks, strokes, accidents or long-term illnesses).  If you’ve had surgery or a procedure, please ensure Human Resources has a doctor’s note on file for work stipulations.
  • If an employee has been out sick for five or more days, Payroll/Human Resources need doctor’s authorization for the employee to return to work.

Equal Opportunity Employer 

The Pioneer  School District will provide equal educational opportunity and treatment for all students in all aspects of the academic and activities program without discrimination based on race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, honorably-discharged veteran or military status, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, marital status, the presence of any sensory, mental or physical disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal by a person with a disability. The district will provide equal access to school facilities to the Boy Scouts of America and all other designated youth groups listed in Title 36 of the United States Code as a patriotic society. District programs will be free from sexual harassment. Auxiliary aids and services will be provided upon request to individuals with disabilities.  The following employees are designated to handle questions and complaints of alleged discrimination: Civil Rights Coordinator-Jeff Davis, jdavis@psd402.org, Title IX Coordinator, Amy Koster, akoster@psd402.org, and Section 504 Coordinator, Amy Dahlberg, adahlberg@psd402.org

Substitute Services

Do you enjoy working with students in a learning environment?

Do you want a flexible work schedule without holiday or weekend work hours?

We would love to have you be a part of Pioneer School District and take an active role in the education of our students by becoming a substitute!

Even if you’re wishing to obtain permanent placement, we highly recommend that you consider applying for substitute employment (classified or certificated). Substitutes within our district have the exclusive chance to become better familiarized with our district and the uniqueness of each school location as well as various employment opportunities. Frequently, our substitutes are hired for permanent positions because staff, principals and supervisors have seen their skills and abilities in-person during substitute assignments. You can view and apply for both permanent and substitute positions at the same time through our online application process.

All open positions are posted on ED Jobs NW.

Thank you!