School Closure FAQ's 5/15/2020

My child will be a kindergartener for the 2020-2021 school year. How can I register my child for school?

Kindergarten registration will be online this year and will open on Monday, June 1, 2020 and will close on Friday, June 12, 2020. Enrollment will be completed through the Skyward Family Access system. Here are a few things you should know preparing to register your child:

  • Children must be five years old on or before August 31 to enter kindergarten.
  • You will need a copy of your child's birth certificate.
  • You will need to provide a medically verified immunization record on the Certificate Immunization Status (CIS) form with a healthcare provider signature.
  • Your child’s legal name (the name that appears on the birth certificate) will be used on all official school records.
  • You will need to provide proof of residency that you reside within the Pioneer School Districtboundaries.


My child has a school library book at home. How do we make sure it gets returned to the school to be checked-in?

Beginning Wednesday, May 6, 2020, students with school library books at home can start dropping them off with a staff member at the nearest Meals on Wheels bus stop. Staff will return the books to the school and check-in and deliver them to either the middle school or elementary library. If you are unable to return your child’s library book to the nearest Meals on Wheels bus stop, there is also a drop box by the front entrance of the elementary school. The drop box is checked twice daily.


When is the last day of school?

The official last day of school for the 2019-2020 school year will be June 19, 2020.


My child has medication at the school. What is the process to pick-up the medication?

If your child still has medication at school, Mrs. Brownstein for the middle school or Mrs. Wiley for the elementary school will be in contact to arrange a time for you to pick-up your child’s medication. Please plan for the arrangement to be made during these designated times:

            Mondays 9:00am-11:00am

            Wednesdays 1:00pm-3:00pm

            Fridays 9:00am-11:00am

If you have any other questions regarding your child’s medication, please contact the school nurse, Mrs. Brownstein, at


What does attendance look like for my child?

While the goal is for students to participate everyday in their Google Classroom, attendance will be documented by how your child makes contact with his or her teachers. This could look like being active in Google Classroom activities, Google Hangouts (class meetings or teacher office hours), turning in assignments or by telephone communication. Teachers will start tracking attendance Monday, April 27, 2020.


How will my child be graded during this time?

The district has adopted a model where students will either receive a “passing” grade or an “incomplete” grade for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. It is expected students continue to be engaged in learning during the school closure. How a teacher will determine a score for your child will be:

  • Passing: The student demonstrates effort and success in learning standards established (or assigned) by his or her teacher.
  • Incomplete: The student will still move on to the next grade level and may need additional support for the upcoming school year.

Final report cards for the 2019-2020 school year will be designed to reflect the standards established and clearly note these grades were given during the COVID-19 school closure.


Families can help their child track their success by:

  1. Communicating daily with your child around his or her daily and weekly learning tasks.
  2. Receive updates about your child’s Google Classroom. (If you have not been invited to be a guardian in your child’s classroom, please contact the teacher).
  3. Communicate with your child’s teacher with any questions or concerns.


When will I be able to pick-up my student’s belongings?

A schedule has been created to allow teaching staff into the school buildings to gather student belongings and prepare items for pick-up. In order to practice social distancing and do our best to keep everyone safe and healthy, please take note of the dates assigned to your child’s grade level. Pick-up will be on Fridays from 1:00pm-3:00pm. If unable to make the date assigned, the belongings will be available the following week. Families will drive to the entrance of either Pioneer Elementary (PreK-5th) or Pioneer Middle School (6th-8th) and a staff member will assist you. If you have any questions, contact your child’s teacher.


  • Early Learning & Preschool-Friday, May 22nd
  • Grades K-1st & 6th- Friday, May 29th
  • Grades 2nd-3rd & 7th-Friday, June 5th
  • Grades 4th-5th & 8th- Friday, June 12th


We will schedule times the week of June 15th for final pick-up opportunities. All student belongings must be picked-up by Friday, June 19th.


Will there be any free public wifi spots in the community that can be accessed during this time?

Mason County PUD 3 is currently joining with community partners to make sure every student in Mason County has a safe place where they can use free high-speed Wi-Fi hotspots to access classwork, download assignments, and communicate with their teacher.


As of May 11th, the hotspots in the Pioneer community (listed below) are now active. Families are able to drive to the following areas and use the internet while staying in their vehicle:

  • Latimer’s Landing County Park
  • South Harstine Island Fire Station
  • Pioneer Middle School
  • Bayshore Preserve
  • Mason County Park (currently still inactive)

For more information, please visit the page on the Mason County PUD 3 website.


My student receives special education or 504 services and I have questions regarding those services.  

All decisions related to special education and 504 services are done on an individual basis.  Case managers have been contacting families to discuss services and develop a plan for providing services.  If you have specific questions regarding your child's plan or services, please contact your child's case manager directly.  You can also contact Stephanie Terry, Director of Student Services, by phone at 360-426-9115 or email at


When will the Chromebook Agreement & Checkout Form be available to fill out?

On Friday, the online Chromebook & Agreement form will become available for families to complete if they are still needed to check out a Chreombook device for their K-8th grade student. The form will be available through Tuesday and will close at 8:00pm to allow time for staff to prepare for distribution. The form can be found on the Pioneer School District website under the “For Parents” tab. A Spanish form is also available. We will communicate with families as changes are made.


When and where will I be able to pick-up a Chromebook for my child?

If you have completed the Chromebook Agreement & Check out form, reserved Chromebooks will be available for pick up on Thursdays at Pioneer Elementary from 9:00am to 11:00am. This is a drive in service. Please remain in your vehicle and practice social distancing while a staff member assists you. We will communicate with families as changes are made.


When will the school grounds reopen?

At this time, all school grounds are closed to public access in response to our state’s direction and the “stay home, stay safe order” which includes outside school property as well. Only essential staff will be directed utilizing safe operating procedures for essential jobs such as meal prep and delivery. All school buildings are closed for traditional school purposes for the remainder of the year. At which time, when the state directs the lifting of the order, the district will re-evaluate at that time to make a decision and communicate that decision.


How do I get an educational packet?

Our goal is to provide our continuous learning online via teacher’s Google classrooms. However, there are circumstances in which a family may not have internet access or have individual needs. In those cases, each grade level will put together a physical packet of essential practice work weekly. Those packets will be distributed and available for pick up through our busses during our daily meal distributions. Beginning the week of April 27, 2020, educational packets will be available. Those packets can then be returned to the staff member assisting families at the designated bus stops to be given to your child's teacher for review. Every Monday, a new packet will be available. If you are unable to return your child’s packet to the nearest Meals on Wheels bus stop, there is also a drop box by the front entrance of the elementary school. The drop box is checked twice daily.


Where should I be looking to get updates regarding continuous learning?


Elementary:  As continuous learning evolves, please continue to check your email often. We will also post changes and other important information through the school and district Facebook Pages. Your child’s teacher will also be an imperative person for families to be in contact with through the method the individual classroom teacher consistently uses. Students should also be logged into Google Classroom to receive updates from your child’s classroom teacher.


Middle School: The Middle School will be sending information updates along with the district. Please make sure you are checking your email on record with the school daily. Please make sure you are also checking the district website at as well as the district Facebook site at and the middle school Facebook page at


What will “continuous learning” look like moving forward for my child?


Elementary:  The elementary school is working with teachers to create a “google classroom”, so that learning can continue online through this platform.  Please help your child accept the invitation to join their child’s teacher’s page.  This platform is meant to engage students in learning and provide support for families.  If you don’t have access to the internet, a device, then a printed packet is available.


Middle School: The middle school is working with the teachers to create a “Google Classroom” so that learning can continue online through this digital platform. Information will be sent out by the middle school later this week and next week on the direction on how to register and access work for your child’s classroom using Google Classroom. The middle school is also working with the district on the current distribution of devices so students can continue continuous learning remotely. The goal is to move away from printed packets unless absolutely necessary for individual cases and move to an online remote learning model as soon as possible


How can my child (18 and younger) be able to access nutritional meals starting on Wednesday, April 1, 2020?


All children ages 0-18 may receive a FREE breakfast and lunch meal each day Monday-Friday through June 19, 2020. Families do not need to make reservations and an adult does not need to be present for a child to receive a meal. There are six buses on routes visiting designated areas in our district. These routes and bus numbers do not represent what students would normally follow during the regular school day. Buses will leave Pioneer School at 8:30 am Monday-Friday during the school closure. Please refer to the schedule that is posted below, or visit the district website. The stops documented here are the only stops the buses will make. Please practice social distancing while waiting to be served. A staff member will assist you.


Bus 301

8:30 Leave Pioneer School

8:40 -8:50 Krabbenhoft Rd @ Lookout Court (the bus shed)

8:55-9:05 Krabbenhoft Rd @ Fire station

9:10-920 Anthony Rd @ Centerline Rd

Bus 307

8:30 Leave Pioneer School

8:35-8:45 Agate Rd @ Bayview Dr

8:50-9:00 Agate Loop @ Daniels Rd

9:10-9:20 Parkway Blvd @ Shorecrest Pool

9:30-9:40 Agate Rd @ Agate Store

Bus 302

8:30 Leave Pioneer School

8:40-8:50 Pickering Rd @ Spencer lake resort (parking lot)

8:55-9:05 Phillips lake loop @ the boat launch

9:15-9:25 Harstine Island Bridge (boat launch)

9:35-9:45 Pickering Rd/Agate Rd @ Benson Loop Rd

Bus 323

8:30 Leave Pioneer School

8:40-8:50 E Timberlake Dr E @ Springer Park

8:50-9:10 E Timberlake Dr W @ Swimming Area

9:10-9:20 Timberlake Community Hall

Bus 304

8:30 Leave Pioneer School

8:50-9:00 Harstine Island Grange

9:05-9:15 Harstine Pointe (outside the gate)

9:20-9:35 E Harstine Island Rd N @ Ballow Rd

9:30-9:40 E Harstine Island Rd S @ Fire station

Bus 322

8:30 Leave Pioneer School

8:40-8:50 E Evergreen Dr @ E Lakewood ( Rainbow lake)

8:55-9:05 Mason Lake Rd @ DJ Mini mart (gravel Area)

9:10-9:20 E St. Andrews Dr @ Lake Limerick Country Club

9:30-9:40 E Emerald Lk Dr @ Emerald Lk Dr W (Bus stop)