Meals on Wheels Bus Routes and Times

Due to the Veteran's Day Holiday on Wednesday, November 11th, meal delivery will be done on Tuesday, November 10th.  Please click on the plus symbol above for the scheduled stops

Bus 321- Jerry Nokes

9:04 Leave Pioneer School
9:15-9:28 Krabbenhoft Rd at Lookout Court (the bus shed)
9:30-9:42 Krabbenhoft Rd at Fire station
9:50-10:00 Anthony Rd at Centerline Rd

Bus 306-Christine Snyder

9:07 Leave Pioneer School
9:15-9:27 Pickering Rd at Spencer Lk Resort (parking lot)
9:30-9:40 Phillips Lk Loop at the boat launch
9:45-9:55 Harstine Island Bridge (boat launch)
10:00-10:10 Pickering Rd/Agate Rd at Benson Loop Rd

Bus 305-Helga Bruntsch

8:57 Leave Pioneer School
9:15-9:25 Harstine Island Grange
9:30-9:40 Harstine Island Pointe (gravel area before entrance on right, across from E Harstine Forest Dr) 
9:50-10:00 E. Harstine Island Rd N at Ballow Rd
10:05-10:15 E Harstine Island Rd S at Fire station

Bus 307-Tom Ehnat

9:12 Leave Pioneer School
9:15-9:27 Agate Rd at Bayview Dr
9:30-9:43 Agate Loop at Daniels Rd
9:50-10:04 Parkway Blvd at Shorecrest Pool
10:10-10:20 Agate Rd at Agate Store

Bus 323-Chris Harris

9:03 Leave Pioneer School
9:15-9:29 E Timberlake Dr E at Springer Park Pull into u shaped area on right(Across from Boat Launch)
9:30-9:47 E Timberlake Dr W at Swimming Area (Island Park)
9:50-10:08 E Timberlake Dr W at Swimming Area (Pull Area)
10:10-10:25 Timberlake Community Hall

Bus 318-Clayton Nelson

9:07 Leave Pioneer School
9:15-9:33 E Evergreen Dr at E Lakewood (Rainbow Lake)
9:35-9:48 Mason Lake Rd at DJ Mini-mart (gravel area)
9:50-10:03 E St. Andrews Dr at Lake Limerick Country Club
10:10-10:22 E Emerald Lk Dr at Emerald Lk Dr W (Bus stop)
10:25-10:36 Mason Lake Rd @ Clonakilty
10:40-10:50 Mason Lake Rd @ Old Lyme Rd