Pioneer’s Learning Management System

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Schoology helps keep students, teachers, and parents connected with class activities and assignments. With a parent account, you’ll be able to access the classes your child is enrolled in, their upcoming assignments, and school and class announcements. 

Help! I’m using Schoology for the first time.

Director of Technology Joel Williams walks parents through opening a new Schoology account.


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It’s hard to say but easy to use! Visit Schoology’s Help Center for detailed explanations and step-by-step walkthroughs of all of Schoology’s features.

What is a learning management system (LMS)?

A learning management system is is a tool to help people administrate, organize, manage, complete, and communicate about school-related projects, courses, and activities.

Rudimentary LMSs appeared centuries ago, but today’s LMSs harness the power of modern technology. Students can access assignments, message with their teachers, take tests, and view their grades directly in Schoology.