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We are so excited to welcome your student to Pioneer School District! The instructions on this page will help you navigate new student enrollment whether you’re a parent of a soon-to-be kindergartner or a student transferring from another district.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to enroll my student?

Your enrollment process will vary based on a few factors, including the age of your student and whether this is your first child to enter Pioneer School District.

Getting Started

All families will enroll their child through the Skyward Family Access system. If this is your first child to enter the district, you will need to create a temporary account for new student enrollment. If you already have a Skyward Family Access account or have created a temporary account for another child in your family, you’ll be able to use that account to enroll your child as a student in our district.

Next Steps

Once you have completed this process, you will be contacted by a Pioneer secretary regarding your enrollment. Please remember that you must provide:

  • Proof of residency, such as a completed lease agreement, mortgage statement or power bill
  • A birth certificate or other proof of age
  • A medically verified immunization status report

New Families to the District, Create an Account

I Already Have A Family Access Account

What documents do I need?

You’ll need important legal documents that verify the name, age, and identity of your child to enroll them in school. You can attach scans or pictures of the required documents to the application. You will need access to:

  • A copy of your child’s birth certificate
  • A medically verified immunization record on the Certificate Immunization Status (CIS) form, signed by your healthcare provider
  • A form of verification of residency that proves you live within Pioneer School District boundaries

What immunizations are required?

Certain immunizations are required by state rules and laws for all children entering school. The Washington Department of Health offers resources, information, exemptions, and suggested vaccination schedules on their School and Child Care Immunization webpage.

Any request for exemption from state requirements must be accompanied by a Certificate of Exemption form, also available from DOH. A personal, medical, or religious exemption to immunizations requires the signature of a parent/guardian and a licensed health care provider.


By 7 years of age or kindergarten entry, students must have received:

  • 3 doses of the hepatitis B vaccine
  • 5 doses of the DTaP vaccine
  • 4 doses of the HiB vaccine
  • 4 doses of the polio vaccine
  • 4 doses of the PCV vaccine
  • 2 doses of the MMR vaccine
  • 2 doses of the chickenpox vaccine

These requirements are subject to change. Review the latest information from DOH to make sure your child has the vaccinations our state requires.

When can my child start kindergarten?

Your child can start kindergarten in September if they are 5 years old on or before August 31. Students turning 5 after August 31 will have to wait until the following year to enter kindergarten.

What if we live outside district boundaries?

We get it — Pioneer is pretty special! If your family lives outside district boundaries and would like to attend Pioneer Elementary or Pioneer Middle School, you can submit a choice transfer request.

A few quick definitions before we jump into this process together:

  • Choice transfer request: Your request to enroll your child in a school district other than the one in which they currently live.
  • Resident school district: The school district in which the student currently lives.
  • Nonresident school district: Any school district outside of the district in which the student currently lives.

How do we decide which requests are accepted?

Our school and district administrators review every nonresident transfer request individually. All requests are evaluated using the standards set out in Board Policy 3141 – Nonresident Students. In short, these standards consider:

  • District financial hardship
  • Current grade-level, school, and district capacity
  • Our ability to meet the student’s needs
  • The student’s disciplinary record
  • The student’s records from online school programs
  • Conflicts with district innovation academy cooperatives

How do we start the process?

Start by filling out a Choice Transfer Request application, available through the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. When you have completed the application, your request will be sent to your resident school district. Your resident district must release your student for the process to move forward.

We will review your application using the standards above.

You will need to file a Choice Transfer request every year.

Will my child be eligible for transportation services?

No. Parents must provide transportation for students who voluntarily attend a nonresident school.


We’re here to help.

Our staff can help you navigate new student enrollment or the non-resident school choice transfer request process. Give our offices a call at (360) 426-9115!

Cartoon children wearing backpacks

A New School

Our district is better together, and we can’t wait to welcome your child to our convocation of eagles! Even so, we know that starting school for the first time or changing schools can be scary or sad.

Child Mind Institute offers some great reminders for families as you navigate a new school:

  • Help your child plan and get ready for their new school
  • Remind your child of the positive opportunities new schools offer
  • Visit and tour the new school before your child’s first day

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