Cooperative High School Timeline


Here you will find  a timeline of events relating to a cooperative high school bond in sequential order.

November 2016
Shelton School District’s Initial Capital Calculation

January 2017
Letter to Shelton School Board of Directors

April 2017
Community Letter
**Non-High Operation Payments

June 2017
Survey Results

July 2017
News Release – School Boards Move Forward with the Planning to Establish a Cooperative High School

July 2017 – December 2017
Preparation for Establishing Cooperative High School

November 2017
Board Resolution

December 2017
Mason County School Board Presentations
Mary M. Knight School District
Southside School District

January 2018
Mason County Cooperative High School Presentations
EDC Leadership Breakfast
Republican Women Meeting
County Commissioners
Skookum Rotary
Mason County Democrats
Lilliwaup Community Club
Hartstine Community Club
Shorecrest Beach Club
Lilliwaup Church Service
Alderbrook Yacht & Golf Club
Pioneer Kiwanis Club
North Mason School District
Grant School House
Colony Surf
Hoodsport Library
Lake Limerick County Club
Skokomish Valley Grange
Shelton School District
North Mason Chambers of Commerce
Harstine Pointe
Lake Cushman Board
Timberlake Community Club
Pioneer School District Title Night
Shelton Chambers of Commerce Board

Shelton School District’s January 12, 2018 New Capital Calculation

2016-2017 Timeline Recap