Non-Resident School Choice Transfer Requests

Non-Resident School Choice Transfer Requests
School Choice

A Choice Transfer Request is made when a student wants to attend Pioneer School District but the family resides outside of the school district boundaries. 

For a Choice Transfer, the family's resident district must first release the student to start the transfer process.  When you have completed your transfer application, your request will be sent to your resident school district.  

Parents/guardians of all non-resident students must annually file a Choice Transfer Request.  This application is available by clicking on the link below:

Washington State Choice Transfer Request Portal

Pioneer School District Policy 3141 - Non resident students, speaks to a request for a non-resident transfer into the Pioneer School District. Non-resident transfers requests are reviewed by school and district administration. Decisions are based on capacity in grade level and services.

Parents will provide transportation for students who voluntarily attend a school out of their district.


Resident School District – The school district in which the student lives.

Non-Resident School District – Any school district outside of the student’s resident district.