Letter from the Superintendent

Letter from Superintendent
Posted on 04/03/2020
Superintendent writing a Letter

April 3, 2020 

Dear Pioneer School District family:  

We hope you are all well and adjusting to this new reality of ours.  We want each of you to know how much we miss our students and families and how much we look forward to resuming school as we have always known it.  Our staff is working hard in creating systems for our student’s continuous learning.  It is with their success in mind that we are developing our systems. 

As you may have heard, Governor Inslee has extended the “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” decree until May 4th.  We are not surprised given the development of COVID-19; we understand this extension.  With this in mind, we will continue to work hard in developing learning support systems so that your child’s education will be meaningful and worthy of mutual efforts.  We will never lose sight of both heart and mind. 

We are entering what would have been our Spring Break this coming week.  I know staying home was not in many family’s plans months ago, but with our new reality, I would encourage all of us to remain this way.  As a school district, our job one is safety.  In the COVID-19 era, that is more important than ever – staying safe.  Because of this, Pioneer School District is closed to all personnel not designated as “essential workers.”  This means the play area, track, and school grounds.  Thank you all for adhering to this closure. 

During “Spring Break,” we will continue with food delivery; same times and same places.  We will also be conducting our second wave of Chromebook deliveries.  Please check our website and Facebook for dates and times for your child’s grade level.  For those who have not filled out an electronic form, you will still be required to complete this before picking one up.  All forms will need to be filled out by Monday at noon and all pick-ups will be in front of the Elementary School. 

By this time, all families have been reached out to by our teachers.  If you have not spoken with a school representative (teacher), we urge you to call the school or email us and relay the best way to contact you along with contact information.  We are doing our best in meeting all student needs.  It is vital that we speak with each family. 

As we traverse this new educational landscape, I ask for your continued patience and grace.  I have spoken to district families who are grateful for what the district has done for their child.  Please feel free to thank our teachers and support professionals in the manner that is fitting for you.  Our staff is working long and hard to ensure we are providing meaningful education for your child.  We are all adjusting to our new paradigm, and this is where patience and grace comes in.  It is much appreciated. 

Every educator that you know did not sign up for this profession so that we could educate remotely.  It is not in our teaching DNA.  We signed up because we love working with children.  That means being with them, around them, and working alongside them; not this format of virtual learning.  What keeps us going is that we know it will eventually change, change back to a physical presence of both student and adult, back to the teaching that we love.  So hang in there, we are together in our hopes, beliefs, and thoughts. 

As always, my best to you. 

John Gummel, Superintendent

Pioneer School District