Meals on Wheels Bus Routes and Times

Bus 321- Jerry Nokes

8:30 Leave Pioneer School
8:40-8:50 Krabbenhoft Rd at Lookout Court (the bus shed)
8:55-9:05 Krabbenhoft Rd at Fire station
9:10-9:20 Anthony Rd at Centerline Rd

Bus 306-Christine Snyder

8:40-8:50 Pickering Rd at Spencer Lk Resort (parking lot)
8:55-9:05 Phillips Lk Loop at the boat launch
9:15-9:25 Harstine Island Bridge (boat launch)
9:35-9:45 Pickering Rd/Agate Rd at Benson Loop Rd

Bus 305-Shelly Gable

8:50-9:00 Harstine Island Grange
9:05-9:15 Harstine Island Pointe (gravel area before entrance on right, across from E Harstine Forest Dr) 
9:20-9:35 E. Harstine Island Rd N at Ballow Rd
9:30-9:40 E Harstine Island Rd S at Fire station

Bus 307-Tom Ehnat

8:35-8:50 Agate Rd at Bayview Dr
8:55-9:05 Agate Loop at Daniels Rd
9:15-9:25 Parkway Blvd at Shorecrest Pool
9:35-9:45 Agate Rd at Agate Store

Bus 323-Chris Harris

8:40-8:55 E Timberlake Dr E at Springer Park Pull into u shaped area on right(Across from Boat Launch)
9:00-9:15 E Timberlake Dr W at Swimming Area (Island Park)
9:20-9:35 E Timberlake Dr W at Swimming Area (Pull Area)
9:40-9:55 Timberlake Community Hall

Bus 318-Clayton Nelson

8:40-8:55 E Evergreen Dr at E Lakewood (Rainbow Lake)
9:05-9:15 Mason Lake Rd at DJ Mini-mart (gravel area)
9:20-9:30 E St. Andrews Dr at Lake Limerick Country Club
9:40-9:55 E Emerald Lk Dr at Emerald Lk Dr W (Bus stop)
9:55-10:05 Mason Lake Rd @ Clonakilty
10:15-10:25 Mason Lake Rd @ Old Lyme Rd