Message from the Superintendent 5/15/20

Message from the Superintendent 5/15/20
Posted on 05/15/2020
Staff Hope

May 15, 2020


Dear Pioneer School District Family: 

By now, hopefully, we are all fully engaged in what our “new” system of school looks like.  It has been a huge adjustment for all our families, teachers, and especially, students.  Rest assured, this is not our preferable method in teaching, learning, and relationships.  We miss seeing our students and families.  We miss our events which highlight the growth of our programs.  We miss the daily interactions with each child, the smiles, the “ah-ha’s” and their unflappable enthusiasm for life.  There is so much we miss, but we know eventually, these things will return.  I often recall the Master in the old TV series “Kung Fu” saying to Kwai Chang, “Patience young grasshopper,” as we transverse these new landscapes.

One of the changes that we have had to develop is that of grading.  Our state leaders have been very clear about our grading practices, in that, “they do no harm” to students in how we administer grades. With this in mind, our teachers will be using a “Pass” or “Incomplete” as a scale for student success. This will be used for all classes, except those which are high school credit eligible.  Also, all students will be moved along to the next grade level.  If a student receives an “Incomplete,” you, as parents, should be aware of the area(s) for growth (gap(s) in learning) and how we can support/rectify this learning.  Communication is vital if we are to keep all students at grade-level competencies and standards.  If there are any gaps in your understanding of this, please reach out to your teacher/school principal for clarification.

On another note, as you may or may not know, I will be retiring at the end of this school year.  This was in the works before COVID19 practices took hold of our schools and community.  I would have much preferred to go out with schools in session, but such is life.  Our School Board has hired a new superintendent, Ms. Jill Diehl.  She comes to Pioneer with great references and talents in leading with compassion, intelligence, and hard work.  When social distancing becomes a recent memory, please welcome her with the same enthusiasm and inclusivity that I was afforded.  I know she is super excited about coming to Pioneer and serving this community. I have always appreciated the Pioneer community treating me as family, I know you will do the same for her.

As always, my best to you.

John Gummel, Superintendent

Pioneer School District