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Superintendent’s Message


   As we approach the holiday season, my hope is that each and every child in the Pioneer School District experiences the joy and hope that this time of the year brings.
   I know most of our students look forward to having some time away from school during Winter Break. However, for some, being away from school means no breakfast or lunch as well as not seeing their friends and being able to socialize. For these students and their families, we are fortunate to have such a supportive community that provides access to food and gifts during the holiday season. I encourage all of you who can to support these outstanding community partners as the need during the holiday season seems to continue to grow. For our families who need some of this support, reach out to these community groups and access what they have to offer.
   During the break, I encourage all of you to take some time to spend as a family. Whether it is taking in a movie together, hiking in the beautiful nature that surrounds us, a day trip to the beach or mountains, or just staying home and watching movies, spend time together.
   By the way, it wouldn’t hurt to encourage your children to pick up a book or two and read during the break. It is an opportunity to practice their reading skills and also to explore all of the wonders that literature brings to life in books. Visit the library and take advantage of all that Timberland Regional Library has to offer.
   As we approach the new year, my hope is that each and every child who attends Pioneer experiences growth, achievement, and success as the school year continues. We have programs in place to ensure that our students have every opportunity to improve their skills and continue on a path of continuous improvement.
   Enjoy this holiday season and we will see all of you after the break. Thank you for your continuing support of the Pioneer School District, its staff, and students. Together, we are making a difference in the lives of our children. Let’s continue to partner for the sake of all of the children in our school district.



Jeff Davis