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School Board Meetings

What types of meetings do our directors hold?

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School board meetings are held at 6 p.m. in the Middle School Library, unless otherwise posted. All regular board meetings and study sessions are open to the public, and we encourage our community members, families, staff, and students to attend — the decisions our board makes impact all of us. We welcome audience comments at our regular board meetings.

Regular Board Meetings

Join our board at their once-monthly regular board meeting. At regular board meetings, the board will discuss general board business items. These meetings could cover items including current or new policies, projects, or curriculum. Visit our School Board Calendar to review meeting dates and times for the current school year.

Our board represents each of you, and they welcome you to share your feedback, comments, and perspective during the audience comment period of our regular board meetings.

Study Sessions

During the school year, our board meets regularly for study sessions. These sessions allow our school board to learn more about specific topics affecting our district. Our board does not approve or reject items at these sessions.

Although time for public comment is not available during study sessions, you are welcome to attend and learn alongside our board.

Special Meetings

Sometimes, our board needs to take special action before their regularly scheduled meeting. Notice of special meetings will be posted at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.

Executive Sessions

Executive sessions are closed to the public. These sessions are reserved for personnel, legal, collective bargaining, and real estate matters. If the item discussed requires a vote, the vote will be made before the public.