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Our Board of Directors consists of five board members each elected to serve a four-year term. Rather than elect an entirely new school board every four years, our board serves overlapping terms, which means that at least one position will be up for election every two years. This way, our board includes a balanced group of experienced directors and new voices.

Rather than representing individual zones within our district, every board member represents the interests of the entire district. School board members do not receive a salary from the district. Each fall, the board elects a president, vice president, and legislative representative. The president and vice president serve one-year terms and the legislative representative serves a two-year term.

Duties of the Board

Our board is charged with the responsibility of providing the finest educational program for our students. The board makes all final decisions regarding:

    • school priorities
    • policies
    • personnel
    • textbooks
    • expenditures
    • growth management

The board also helps make sure that our district has the funding it needs to continue to operate. They adopt a budget, levy taxes to support the budget, and submit bond issues to finance construction projects. Through their taxes, district citizens help support our students and schools.


Board of Directors

Our Board

Currently serving our district:

Dr. Susan “Soosi” Day, Chair
Serving on the Board 2021–25

Dr. Stephanie Schlitz, Vice Chair
Serving on the Board 2021–23

Robert B. Clark
Serving on the Board 2022–23

Richard P. Lee
Serving on the Board 2021–23

Ellory Rowe
Serving on the Board 2022-23