Middle School Construction Update

Early morning on Tuesday, December 20th the high winds experienced in Mason County damaged a portion of the Pioneer Middle School construction project.  As many as 25 trusses over the gym and commons area were brought down by the high winds.  We are thankful to report no injuries and all debris fell within the construction safety fence.  The District and contractor are working with their builder’s risk insurance to cover the cost of this loss.  We are still assessing the damage and consequences of this time loss, but we do know:

  1. The Contractor’s insurance will cover the cost of this loss.
  2. We do not anticipate any significant delays on the project and/or completion date.
  1. This event will not impact the structural integrity of this building.

If you have addition questions or concerns, you are encouraged to call the Pioneer School District Office at 426-9115, ext. 3 and speak with the Superintendent, Martin Brewer.

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