Pioneer School District will be holding their annual Veterans Day assemblies at both the Primary and Middle School on Thursday, November 10th.  The assembly for grades K-5 will take place in the Primary Multi-Purpose Room at 9 am.  The assembly for grades 6-8 will take place in the Middle School Gym beginning at 2 pm.  We would like to extend a warm welcome to all our Veterans as well as to those currently serving in the military to attend either or both assemblies.


There are times when school may be closed or delayed due to adverse weather conditions, road closures, or other emergencies.  District administration strives to make their first decision by 5:00 am.  If a delay or closure is necessary, we will communicate using four communication tools:

  1. K12 Alert will be sent out to all staff and families of students
  2. Local media will be advised of our decision.
  3. Social media (Facebook) will be updated with the decision.
  4. Pioneer website ( will be updated with the decision.

The Pioneer School District’s decision making process:

If the roads are not safe, schools will be closed for the day.  If there is a chance the roads could clear in a few hours, we may run a two-hour delay.  On occasion, a two-hour delay may lead to a full closure if road conditions do not improve.

Finally, once students are in school, it would be an extreme occasion to send them home early for weather related issues.  If conditions dictated an early closure, we would follow the communication protocol listed above.